Sunday, January 20, 2008

Greetings Earthlings

Hello Earthlings.

I am from planet Antar.

Ok, that's a stupid way to start off.

Never mind, I'm from earth. If you know what planet Antar means then you're in the right place. Welcome my fellow Roswellians.

I have been an avid Roswell fanfic reader for years. But I've never bothered to post feedback before. Mostly because what I have so say is bitchy and mean and would get me kicked off fanfic boards. So I have decided to create my own space where I can put my thoughts out into the atmosphere and if anybody ever reads it - or even finds it - then that's their choice.

And ok, so I will be bitchy and mean about some of the fics that I'm reading but it's not coming from a nasty place. I wouldn't still be reading roswell fanfics if I didn't absolutely love them

So on with the show.

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